Current research: networked teamplay & LANs

Current Research

I’m an academic who primarily engages with socio-phenomenologically informed research on networked teamplay, esports & LANs.

My current research projects include:

  • Esports in Australia
  • Networked Sportspersonship (with Dr. Alessandro Canossa of Northeastern University, USA)
  • High-performance play, live-streaming, public events and gender (with TL Taylor, MIT & Nicholas Taylor, NCSU)
  • Transitioning play – esports careers

I am currently doing fieldwork for this last cited project at LANs such as Dreamhack (Jönköping, Sweden) and CouchWarriors/BAM8  (Melbourne, Australia).

During these events, I’ll be doing interviews with players/teams/administrators, with an eye on:

  • Mid-tier player experiences of sportspersonship during play
  • Non-textual experiences of play/performance
  • ‘Teamness’, networked communities and recruitment
  • Play/non-expert play with tactics/strategies
  • Regular participation patterns
  • Career esports players/coaches/shoutcasters
  • Event management & volunteerism at LANs

If you are a mid-tier player who can speak to their experiences around team-play and participation with a tournament team, or event manager/volunteer, it would be great to hear about your engagements. Please catch me on emailAll interviews which I conduct are confidential (everyone is pseudonymed/can choose their pseudonym – please see the consent form for more details).

We can talk face to face if you are a participant at Dreamhack Summer, live in Australia (Melbourne), or otherwise we can arrange an interview over Skype or email.

Thanks for taking an interest in the research.