Call for participants: Digital Media, Games and Ethnographic Methods Seminar for HDR and ECRs 


The Digital Media, Games and Ethnographic Methods Seminar brings together leading qualitative games and media studies scholars from SE Asia and Oceania to engage with students and early career researchers in the processes and research practices of qualitative games and digital media research. Participants will have an opportunity to engage with a core set of digital ethnographic research skills, specifically engaging in qualitative fieldwork exploring networked media through casework on games and public play.

Regional games research, and the notion of region (over nation) as Regional Game Studies, “… cannot be rigorously defined. This flexibility allows for the clustering of concepts, gaming practices, games and research networks that are national, supranational, transnational or subnational, and the fruitful relationships between regions existing at each of these scales” (2016). During the two-day seminar, critical considerations on locality, situated play practices, research ethics, and field methods will be explored, with participants developing their own practice by engaging in a mini-exploration of public play in the city.

Hosted by games researchers and digital ethnographers Dr Peichi Chung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dr Hanna Wirman (Hong Kong Poly University), Dist. Professor Larissa Hjorth (RMIT Melbourne) and Dr Emma Witkowski (RMIT Melbourne), this seminar looks to engage in critical dialogues which zoom in and out of international research on games and media cultures, ethnographic methods, and perspectives from regional game studies. Through a series of lectures, readings, practical modules, and fieldwork, seminar participants will engage in questions and practices of doing qualitative networked/multi-sited research, exploring emerging games and media cultures, and disseminating research.

For further information on this seminar series, please contact Emma Witkowski at her RMIT address.

If you have already signed up for the series, please access the seminar site.