Senior Lecturer Emma Witkowski joined the RMIT University Games Program in 2013.

She has written widely on the area of esports and networked high performance computer game cultures, especially esports as media sports, gender and game cultures, mega-events and LANs, public play and live-performance (live streaming) embodiment and materiality, and digital/sensory ethnography and qualitative methods. More specifically, she is interested in how expertise in high performance networked computer game play (esports) is formed and performed from individual, interactional, and institutional frames of relational practice.

As co-director of the Playable Media Lab, she brings substantial games research experience to RMIT University, serving as a peer reviewer on scholarly journals & academic publishers in Media & Communication, Games Studies, and Sports Studies. Dr. Witkowski has published essays and commentaries on digital games and esports cultures in print (popular press and academic) as well as broadcast media, she has provided research consultancy for local council and state/federal government, and currently sits on the board of the Australian Esports Association. She is currently working on a new research project on esports ecosystems with Essendon Football Club.

September, 2018