PhD dissertation

Witkowski, E. “Inside the Huddle: The Phenomenology and Sociology of Team Play in Networked Computer Games”. PhD Dissertation. May 2012. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Articles (peer reviewed)

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Conference papers & proceedings (peer reviewed)

Running from Zombies“, Interactive Entertainment Conference,  Melbourne, Australia, September 2013.

This is How We Play It: What a Mega-LAN Can Teach Us About Games“, co-authored with T.L. Taylor, Foundations of Digital Games conference proceedings, Monterey, CA, June 2010.

“Negotiating Game Cultures: Reflections on Women’s gaming experiences”, co-authored with Tina Lybaek, Game ’in Action conference proceedings, Gothenburg, SE, May 2007.


Popular press articles

Witkowski, E. (Sept. 6, 2016). “Esports 2020“. Medium.

Witkowski, E. (2009). “Probing the Sportiness of eSports“, in J. Christophers and T. Scholz (eds.), eSports yearbook 2009, Norderstedt, Germany: Books on Demand GmbH, pp. 53 – 56.


Select media interviews

ArtsHub, July 21, 2016: “The world’s biggest creative industry

GQ Australia, October 15, 2015: “Esports: Inside the billion-dollar gaming industry

ABC News, Sept. 2015: “Professional e-sports tipped to flourish in Australia despite low internet speeds

Dailyreview.com.au, Oct. 2014: “Gaming: The Question of Esports in Australia

Politiken.dk, Sept. 2014: “Cyberfeminister er udskældte og får sågar dødstrusler i USA


Research reports

Independent research for IBM Denmark:  “Soft Reboot: Young Women and Technology in Denmark”, 2006.